Driving to Salzburg

Driving to Salzburg

Driving to Salzburg?

Here are some directions to help you get there.

Where are you coming from?

Coming from the West (eg Munich, Germany) - Take the A8

Coming from East (eg Vienna, Austria)- Take the A1

Coming from the South - Take the A10

Coming from the North and West - Take Route 20

Coming from the Southeast - Take Route 159

Salzburg is located -

153km (95 miles) east of Munich.

336km (209 miles) southwest of Vienna

Parking -

If you are driving to and in Salzburg, there are plenty of public parking lots in the city centre.

Just look for the large blue and white 'P' sign.

For ease and convenience, it's better to park your car on the left bank of the Salzach River. The Salzach is the river that runs through Salzburg, dividing the 'old town' from 'new town'.

Parking on the left bank/in the 'new town' means that you wont get caught up in small streets and pedestrianised zones in the 'old town'.

Finding a park is easier and you can enjoy the five minute stroll passing shops, cafes and side streets on your way to the 'old town'.

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