Getting Around Salzburg

Getting around Salzburg

Once you are there, getting around Salzburg is both very easy and enjoyable!

And you don't always have rely on horse and carriage...

By Foot

This is really the best way to go!

Salzburg is a compact, walkable city that really is best explored on foot.

Indeed, many areas are pedestrianised, which means that this is THE only way to get around!

It's virtually impossible to get lost as there are a lot of markers to look for - for example, the Salzach River (which cuts the 'old town' from the 'new town') and the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which will always be staring down at you from the mountain top.

By Bus

For those interested in jumping on a bus, there is a very good and efficient local bus system with 20 routes to choose from.

Bus route information can be found on city plans and hotel maps.

There are regular buses and trolley buses (look for the overhead electrical cables!), and you can purchase tickets directly from the driver, or at ticket machines, kiosks, tourist and transport offices.

By Car

Driving around central Salzburg - especially in the 'old town' - can be hard work and is not really required.

The old town is quite compact with lots of one way streets and pedestrianised zones blocked off to traffic.

If you do have a car, your best bet is to park on left bank of the Salzach River, in the 'new town', and then to walk. The old town is only 5 minutes away.

If you can't find a park on the street, look for the large blue and white 'P' signs which indicate a parking lot.

Should you choose to explore beyond the city center, it's a great idea to hire a car (or take your own), and visit one of the many close by lakes or palaces.

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