Hohensalzburg Fortress

Rising high above the city, the magnificent Hohensalzburg Fortress dominates the skyline of Salzburg.

Built between 1077 to 1681 on the site of a former Roman military camp, this impenetrable structure was a strategic lookout never captured by enemy forces.

As one of Europe's largest and best preserved fortresses, Hohensalzburg offers magnificent northern city views and southern alpine vistas from its 120m (400ft) elevation.

Over the centuries, it has been modified and enlarged by many of the ruling Archbishops, the most influential being Leonhard von Keutschach, Archbishop of Salzburg from 1495-1519.

His personal motif, the humble turnip, may be seen 58 times around the castle.

Salzburg Fortress

Wandering up the hill from the old city takes about 10 minutes; the footpath leading to the Fortress may be reached from Kapitelplatz.

From there, just navigate your way up!

Don't forget to stop and admire the views whilst catching your breath.

Alternatively, you can use the ‘Festungsbahn’, Austria’s oldest funicular railway, adjacent to St. Peter's Cemetery.

When you arrive at the Fortress, wander around its impressive grounds.

Try to make time also to tour inside - replete with lavishly appointed State Rooms, a lookout tower, torture chambers, and a small museum.

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