Hotel Schloss Monchstein

Hotel Moenschstein Salzburg

Location - Mönchsberg Park 26

And for something a little different…

A castle hotel.

Located at the top of the Mönchsberg hill, just behind the Old City, Hotel Schloss Mönchstein is a magnificent hotel enjoying 14.000 m² of castle parkland. It also enjoys the best view in town.

Built in 1350, the castle had additional fortress built onto it in 1622, and in 1654 it was acquired by the Monastery of St Peter, when it became known as the ‘Professors Castle’- dedicated to the challenging pursuit of higher learning.

The castle was converted to a hotel in 1948.

Hotel Schloss Mönchstein has 24 special rooms and suites. All are luxuriously appointed and offers all the modern technology you need.

It is also easy to get to; either via car, or in 7 minutes via the "Mönchstein Panoramic Route" after using the lift, which is built into the face of the Mönchsberg.

Don’t forget to check out the Gothic Chamber!

Hotel Moenschstein Salzburg

Hotel Moenschstein Salzburg

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