Mozart The Salzburg Years

Mozart returned home to Salzburg from touring Italy in 1771. His reputation as a muscian and composer was second to none.

Upon his return, Mozart was appointed ‘Konzertmeister’(Concert Master) to the Archbishop of Salzburg.

He was 15 years old.

Mozart House

In 1773, Mozart and his family decided to move from their home in Getreidegasse, to a larger apartment in what is now known as Makartplatz.

Mozart lived here until 1780.

Mozart House

Working as Konzertmeister, Mozart steadily became dissatisfied with his post. Prince Archbishop Colloredo, said to be somewhat the authoritarian, placed strict restrictions on Mozart's work and lifestyle.

As one can image, the headstrong virtuoso rebelled against the demanding Archbishop which finally lead to Mozart being, in his own words, dismissed "with a kick in the seat of the pants" in 1781.

The boy genius was ready to move on!

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