Salzburg Famous Cemeteries

Cemetery Salzburg

Find some time to wander through two of the most extraordinary and historic cemeteries in the world - St Peter's and St Sebastian's.

Resting place to the noble and famous, both cemeteries provide a moment of quiet and peace.

With their wrought iron signs and marble angels, they are also incredibly beautiful places.

St. Peter's Cemetery

St. Peter's Cemetery (St. Petersfriedhof), with its trellised gates, stone block vaults, wrought iron signs, and quiet paths is one of the most amazing sites to visit in Salzburg.

It is the oldest existing cemetery in the German-speaking world and stands behind St. Peter's Church and a monastery, both of which were founded back in 700AD by St. Rupert.

St. Petersfriedhof Cemetery is the final resting place of artists, scholars, merchants and nobility.

Here you will find the tombs of Mozart's sister ‘Nannerl’ as well as Santino Solari, architect of the Salzburg Cathedral and Hellbrunn Palace, Sigmund Haffner, benefactor to Mozart who commissioned the ‘Haffner Symphony’ and Michael Haydn, composer and younger brother to the more famous Joseph Haydn.

Beyond St. Petersfriedhof, cut high into the Mönchsberg cliff face, stand a small labyrinth of catacombs. Said to be of early Christian origin, they have been dated back to 847AD. These are now open, so climb up and explore!

St Sebastian Cemetery Salzburg

St Sebastian's Cemetery

On the other side of the Salzach River, just off Linzergasse, lies another famous cemetery - St Sebastian’s.

This cemetery stands beside St. Sebastian's Church, built between1505 to 1512 however replaced in 1750 replete with a magnificent Baroque colonnaded passage.

St Sebastian’s cemetery is truly lovely as here you can find a moment peace as you slowly wander and read the names of those who have laid there for many a year.

You’ll find yourself in good company.

Here you will find the resting place of Mozart's father Leopold, Mozart's wife Constanze, the famous physician Theophratus Bombastus von Hohenheim, also known as ‘Paracelsus’, and ‘founder’ of modern Salzburg, Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau.

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