Salzburg Judenstrasse

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Salzburg Judenstrasse


The "Street of Jews" (Judenstrasse) is a highlight in the old city.

It gently meanders its way through the old quarters and offers a host of galleries, artisan shops, cafes and boutiques - including some amazing Xmas decoration shops.

According to historical records, the first Jewish settlers arrived in Salzburg in the Roman times when the city was still called 'Juvavum'.

Until 1404, a Jewish school and synagogue was located in this street.

The Jews were expelled from Salzburg in 1492 and most of their buildings were demolished. It was only after 1868 that the Jewish people were permitted to resettle.

At this time, Judenstrasse again became the Jewish quarter and their centre of industry.

Today the winding, cobbled street retains its historic character.

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