Salzburg Modern Cafes

Welcome to some of the new, bright and innovative cafes in Salzburg!

Not everything in Salzburg is steeped in history...

Salzburg Street Cafe

For those wishing to step back into the modern world for a few moments, the following cafes offer a fabulous resting point, viewing point and some great modern interiors/exteriors.

Carpe Diem

Location - Getreidegasse

Located at the top end of the pedestrianised street Getreidgasee, this cool café-restaurant cannot fail but to impress.

Lounge on the sofas in the front street terrace or sit inside to enjoy the modern ambience of the upstairs or downstairs bar/café area.

Enjoy a startling array of finger food, all beautifully presented, or just sip quietly on a coffee.

Café Stein

Location - roof top of Hotel Stein, Giselakai 3-5

The best view in Salzburg!

Café Stein is located on the roof top terrace of the newly renovated Hotel Stein, on the right bank.

Here you can relax under the shade of wide sun umbrellas, enjoy a cool Austrian beer or a much needed coffee and look out over the stunning 180' vista of Salzburg's Old Town.

Superb. Dont miss it!

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Salzburg Traditional Cafes

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