Salzburg Palaces

Schloss Hellbrunn Salzburg

Salzburg is also known as the 'City of Palaces' ('Schloss' - in German).

Archbishops throughout the ages - rich from amassing fortunes from trade - built for themselves beautiful palaces in and beyond the city centre.

Created as either places of solitude or for entertainment, these palaces shared one common trait - they were phenomenal monuments to wealth and fancy!

A trip to Salzburg would not be complete without roaming through some of the manicured gardens as well as the hallways and salons of the old elite.

Residenz Salzburg

The Residenz

'And absolute power shall be given unto them'.

In the 8th century, at the request of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne, Salzburg became an 'Ecclesiastical state of the Holy Roman Empire'.

Salzburg was ruled by Archbishops - leaders whose strength, mercantile shrewdness and inspired vision would build a city of unparalleled beauty and majesty.

To house these rulers, construction on the 'Residenz' began in 1120.

A governmental and ecclesiastic complex would develop from where the duties of ruling a city would be undertaken.

Boasting vast rooms for work and entertainment, the grandeur of the Residenz would reflect the power of the Archbishops and further construction would continue in the late 1500s until 1796.

On February 28th, 1763, a small boy aged seven was invited to play music before the Archbishop Sigismund von Schrattenback.

And so performed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the Residenz for the first time.

Schloss Mirabell Salzburg

Mirabell Palace

In 1606, Salzburg's Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau built this palace for his rather lucky mistress Salome Alt.

Of the original palace, little remains. It was rebuilt in the 18th century, and was again modified after a great fire in 1818.

Only the magnificent marble 'Angel Staircase' and the 'Marmorsaal' (Marble Hall) remain, both of which are absolutely worth the visit.

Today Mirabell Palace serves as the official residence of the Mayor of Salzburg.

One of the most stunning things about Mirabell Palace it is world famous gardens – an amazingly beautiful baroque park of fountains, statues and reflective pools immortalized in the film 'The Sound of Music'.

Schloss Hellbrunn Salzburg

Hellbrunn Palace

A masterpiece of Renaissance architecture and fantasy, Hellbrunn Palace is located outside Salzburg's city centre.

In 1610, newly appointed Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus von Hohenems found himself in clear need of a summer residence - somewhere to relax and entertain guests.

Santino Solari, architect of the Salzburg Cathedral, was brought on board and work soon commenced!

One of the defining features of Hellbrunn Palace is water; lots of it.

Solari was masterful in using the underground spring water source to design a huge and wonderful garden with lots of lakes, 'trick fountains', mysterious grottoes, and surprise water jets.

These would go on to entertain Archbishops and their guests for centuries to come.

Word of warning - beware where you walk or sit!

Schloss Leopoldskron Salzburg

Leopoldskron Palace

Commissioned by Prince Archbishop Count Leopold von Firmian in 1736, Leopoldskron is a monumental palace that stands on the shores of a picturesque lake.

Originally built in the Rococo style, it was later restored in a Neo-classical manner.

The palace has changed owners many times and over the years has been a meeting point for famous intellectuals and artists.

It also starred in the film 'The Sound of Music'.

Leopoldskron now hosts congresses and is therefore not open for day visitors.

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