Salzburg Theatres

Salzburg is world renown as a capital for culture!

For those who love their music, theatre and art, the Salzburg theatres offer something fabulous for everyone.

Mozart, of course, is a dominating theme in the city. You can explore his life and works at many different museums and theatres, and also get caught up in the series of concerts that take place during 'Mozart Week' in January.

Beyond Mozart however lies a wealth of other events to explore.

Salzburg Theatre

Every year Salzburg plays host to over 4000 cultural events. Lots to choose from!

- The Easter Festival takes place in March.
- The Salzburg Festival, famous the world over, takes place in June/July.
- The Jazz festival kicks off October/November.

And between and beyond these dates, there are innumerable concerts - large and small, classical and modern - hosted in the most beautiful theatres and palace salons throughout Salzburg.

Großes Festspielhaus - (Large Festival Hall) - Hofstallgasse

The Großes Festspielhaus was opened by master conductor Herbert von Karajan in 1960. It is the largest of Salzburg's festival halls and seats over 2,000 people.

Every year it plays host to the world-famous 'Salzburg Festival', as well as the Easter Festival, Whitsun Festival, and many wonderful Christmas Concerts.

Mozarteum - Schwarzstrasse 26

Another major music hall in Salzburg hosting orchestra concerts, organ recitals and chamber-music evenings.

It is also the site of the famous music school, where one may view free events staged by the students.

Salzburger Marionetten Theater - Schwarzstrasse 24

A magical, baroque theatre seating 350 visitors, where theatrical puppet performances can be enjoyed from the Easter holiday through to September.

This world-famous jewel is undoubtedly the leading theatre of its kind. Operas, operettas and ballet are performed by marionettes that give the illusion of being life-size performers.

An amazing experience to behold whilst in Salzburg.

Landestheater Salzburg - Schwarzstraße 24

One of the most popular theatres in Salzburg where you can find wonderful performances of opera, ballet and numerous musicals.

Elisabethbühne Salzburg - Erzabt-Klotzstraße 22

A theatre playing host to an ongoing series of classical performances.

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