Salzburg Traditional Cafes

Welcome to the warm and elegant world of the Salzburg traditional cafes!

Cafe Tomaselli

For centuries, artists, poets, musicians and ‘society’s elite’ have made the coffee houses of Salzburg their own.

Here are just a few of the most famous for you to explore and enjoy!

Cafe Tomaselli

Location - on the 'Alter Markt'

Here you will find the oldest, longest serving cafe in Austria.

Cafe Tomaselli is an institution which has hosted musicians including Mozart and members of high society since 1852.

Salzburg Cafe

Cafe Bazar

Location - Schwarzstrasse (by the 'Staatsbrücke' or main city bridge)

Opened in 1909 and located by the Salzach River, Cafe Bazar has always been a meeting place for royalty and actors alike.

Located close to many of Salzburg's key theatres - the Landestheater, Kammerspielen and Marionettentheater - those including conducter Herbert Von Karajan, Marlene Dietrich, Louis Armstrong and even King Edward VIII have, through the ages, all propped themselves at the inviting tables.

Hotel Sacher

Location - Schwarzstrasse 5-7

Old world charm can be found at the world famous Hotel Sacher, located directly by the Salzach River.

Relax in the 'Österreichischer Hof' cafe, look at the photos of those who have been there before you, throw back a coffee or two and dont for one moment feel guilty about each slice of the sumptuous famous Sacher Torte you quietly demolish...

salzburg cafe

Cafe Fürst

Location - Brodgasse 13

This cafe is home to the original Salzburg Mozart Chocolate Ball - otherwise known as the 'Salzburg Mozartkugeln.'

You will see this ubiquitous, little round chocolate bearing the rather startled face of Mozart everywhere. You will also see a number of derivations made by competitors.

Salzburg pastry chef Paul Fürst first invented the Salzburger Mozartkugel in 1890. His great grandson Norbert Fürst carries on the tradition today.

Enjoy one of the original chocolate 'kugeln' in the equally original lovely surrounds of Cafe Fürst.

Cafe Demel

Location - Mozartplatz 2

Once upon a time Cafe Glockenspiel used to be located on this lovely location directly on Mozartplatz.

The doors sadly closed however in 2006, the equally traditional and beautiful Cafe Demel was born.

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