Welcome to Magnificent Salzburg!

Salzburg is a magical city where you can unwind and explore.

Famous for its beautiful Baroque architecture, the towering Hohensalzburg Fortress, cobbled side streets and rich culture - there's something on offer for everyone!

Take a wander through this site and experience some of the most beautiful and special sights that this city has to offer.

The city is particularly renown for its palaces and churches.

Wealthy Archbishops throughout the ages built towering places of worship, such as the immense Dom (cathedral), as well as beautiful 'homes' of astonishing wealth.

Palace Mirabelle, Palace Leopoldskron, and Palace Hellbrunn will offer you the chance to pick up some design tips when exploring their lavish rooms and manicured gardens!

Whilst wandering around town, you'll also find the creative energy quite amazing.

There are some great theatres and museums to visit and if you are a true afficionado, you can also experience the sights and sounds of the famed film ‘The Sound of Music’!

There are classical and modern music concerts galore and every year the city also hosts one of its largest events - the incomparible 'Salzburg Festival' - anticipated by music lovers from around the world.

But dont feel as if you have to wait for the festival...

In every grand plaza and crooked street you will hear the music of the city's most famous son, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His influence has shaped the city.

Everywhere you walk, you will see his image, hear his compositions, and will be touched by the magic of his genius.

One thing is certain - whatever your taste, whatever your interest, take some time to just sit in one of the many cafes with a coffee and some chocolate Sacher Torte, and quietly watch the world turn.

Ready to start your journey?

Let's explore!

Historical Timeline
Salzburg is a city with a rich historical timeline - dating from 700 AD when building began on an abandoned Roman site. The stepping stones for development were laid.
History of Salzburg
Salzburg is rich with tales from bygone ages. In 710-720AD, Salzburg was founded on the abandoned site of a Roman settlement. Then came churches,monasteries and trade! Such is the history of Salzburg!
Salzburg Fast Facts
It's always handy to have some Salzburg Fast Facts at the ready about before (or during) your trip! Here you'll find a list of the top things you might find useful.
Flights to Salzburg
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train to Salzburg
Catching a train to Salzburg? Easy, cheap, flexible - and a great way to see some beautiful Austrian scenery on the way.
Driving to Salzburg
Driving to Salzburg? Pretty straighforward! Here are some tips and directions to get you underway.
Car Hire
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Getting Around Salzburg
Getting around Salzburg is easy! Once you there, just wander at will! The old town is pedestrianised and compact and even public transport, which is excellent, is not really needed.
Salzburg hotels
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3 star hotels
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Hotel Bristol
Hotel Bristol, a grand old place built in the 1890’s, is located on the opposite bank to the Old City, close to the Mirabell Palace, Mozart's house and many theatres.
Salzburg Sights
Salzburg Sights - what to see and do in the city of palaces, culture, music and cafes! Take a look at this listing of 'top sights' so that you really enjoy your time in Salzburg.
Salzburg Museums
Salzburg Museums are as fascinating as they are diverse. From the Museum of Modern Art, to the Residenz Galerie, to the Baroque Museum - everything is on offer!
Salzburg Theatres
Salzburg theatres offer every imaginable type of concert - classical music, jazz, modern recitals, sacred music and even marionette performances!
Salzburg Shopping
In Salzburg shopping is a pleasure! Wander down the beautiful streets and explore the elegant boutiques, the modern shops, the galleries and cafes.
Salzburg Cafes
Salzburg cafes - for centuries, frequented by artists, poets, musicians and 'societ's elite'. Explore the sidestreet cafes of Salzburg and learn the 'language of coffee'!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Salzburg's child prodigy, composer, and genius!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg’s most famous son, was born January 27, 1756 in the front room of 9 Getreidegasse. Come and explore his life as a child genius, and prolific composer in old Salzburg
The Sound of Music in Salzburg!
Filmed in 1965, The Sound of Music used as its backdrop some of the most beautiful settings in and around Salzburg. Come and explore!
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