Mozart the Vienna Years

"Before God and as an honest man I tell you that Mozart is the greatest composer known to me either in person or by name.

He has taste, and what is more, the most profound knowledge of composition."

- Franz Joseph Haydn to Leopold Mozart

Moving to Vienna

Mozart moved to Vienna in 1781, after leaving his position as Konzertmeister in Salzburg. Vienna was, and remains, a beautiful city of high culture and creativity.

Mozart was determined to develop his own independent career!

This regal city of 'opportunities' also turned out to be the place where Mozart, now in his 26th year, fell in love.

Headstrong and willful, Mozart married Constanze Weber against his father’s wishes the following year in 1782.

Life together was hard at the beginning. Mozart still had no secure position, and financial difficulties forced him to earn his living by teaching and giving public concerts.

Similar to his father and mother, Mozart, with Constanze, also had seven children. Only two would survive infancy; Karl Thomas (1784–1858) and Franz Xaver Wolfgang (1791–1844).

Neither would go on to get married or have children.

Music Notes

Whilst living in Vienna, Mozart met fellow composer Franz Joseph Haydn who would become a close friend and supporter.

Mozart dedicated his six string quartets (1782–85) to Haydn as a testament to their friendship.

"People make a mistake who think my art has come easily to me. Nobody has devoted so much time and thought to composition as I. There is not a famous master whose music I have not studied over and over."

- W.A.Mozart

In 1786, influenced by the popularity of Italian opera, Mozart created his masterpiece ‘Le Nozze di Figaro’ (The Marriage of Figaro, 1786), followed by ‘Don Giovanni’ (1787).

Whilst penning ‘elegant pieces written for social occasions’ such as Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (1787), Mozart also composed his three last masterful symphonies; No. 39 in E Flat, No. 40 in G Minor, and No. 41 in C, (the Jupiter Symphony).

These were collectively written in the space of only three months.

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